Q: What happened to Northaven Community ENP?

A: Northaven ENP is now Northaven Private Security. Adapting from an ENP to a private security company has allowed our neighborhood to obtain move coverage hours, more patrol officers, and better communication all for the same price members were paying previously. With the additional coverage hours and patrol officers our neighborhood will no longer be an easy target for criminals.



Q: How many hours will the private security officers patrol?

A. Our goal is to have 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year. This will allow members to call and speak with our patrol officer at any time, no need to leave a message and wait for a return phone call. Patrol officers will have the ability to react in real time.   


Q: How many hours will be allocated to patrolling our neighborhoods?

A: The biggest determining factor in available patrol hours is membership participation.  The more households we can get to support us, the more hours that will become available to provide coverage.


Q: Are the security officers armed?

A: At least one of the 3 officers on duty will be armed.


Q: What authority does a security officer have if they see a crime committed in our neighborhood?

A:  Just like a police officer, security officers have the ability to not only talk with suspicious individuals, but they can also apprehend and hold them until the police arrive.


Q: How do I get in touch with the security officer if I see something suspicious?

A: All members will have the dispatch phone number. A live person will answer 24/7 and instantly send the patrol officer to your house or alert them of the suspicious activity. However, if you can’t find the private security number and call 911, our security company monitors 911 calls and will react to any issues in our coverage area.