• Dedicated private security officers who will be in our neighborhoods adding extra layers of security - Our patrol officers are experts in our neighborhood. Most of them live in the area so they know our streets, alleys and residents. Their focus is to deter crime before it happens. They can readily identify suspicious activity and detain criminals, if necessary.

• Private Security Officers are in marked security vehicles equipped with dash cams and other computer equipment.  Each officer is able to run vehicle tags as well as communicate with other officers in our neighborhoods in real time.

• HomeCheck – Upon request, members, can have private security officers monitor your residence when you are out of town, calling you if needed. This entails a full perimeter check of your home (doors, windows, shed doors, etc.) during each patrolling shift. They can even pickup your mail and newspaper and hold it until you return home.

• Added Response Benefits – See something suspicious? Give the patrol officer a call and they will come check it out. The private security officers will respond to calls concerning crime related issues, neighborhood hazards, suspicious persons or noises and arrive within minutes, when on patrol  We pay them to keep our neighborhood safe.

• Private security company 24/7 dispatch line - Active NPS members will have direct access to the private security company’s dispatch phone number who will send an officer over within minutes, when on patrol. Always call 911 first, then the patrol. 

• Communication - Rapid communication via email regarding in progress or recently committed crime in our neighborhood, as well as weekly updates of what our officers found on their shifts. Quarterly newsletter with crime overview and stats.

• Signage - An NPS yard sign is available to active members whose dues are current at no additional cost.  Alley signs are available to purchase at an additional cost.